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About Us

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Our Story

​As people who have dreamed of adopting fur babies for as long as they can remember – our co-founders took great pains to educate themselves in anticipation. What they found unfortunately, was that the advertised ‘best’ foods and treats marketed for doggies were far from being so. Their quest led them to uncover that production of dog treats did not require any licensing – ISO or FSSAI. And most big names chose not to bother!

Horrified at this insensitivity, Sanya decided to make it her mission to not find but create the best quality, standard approved food treats for not just her pet but for all. She set about studying what should go into doggie bellies – and more importantly what shouldn’t. She made it her mission to employ the cleanest, safest products and practices only. It took a year to finalise the process and to get it approved. The result - Dear Paws is Fssai and ISO approved! 

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DP FINAL White LOGO_4x.png
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Sanya and Rahul didn’t stop to celebrate – It was not enough that they brought a reliable treat to pet parents. What about the ones who don’t get adopted? Rahul was adamant – no matter the sales - Barkhouse Chronicles would always continue to feed the doggies on the street.

Sanya and Rahul are childhood friends. Among other things - they share the same qualification (both CAs), a love for travel and adventure, a never say die spirit. And most of all - undying devotion for all creatures furry and friendly, especially dogs. With a desire to find the best for their fur babies (and yours) - they embarked on a new adventure.


The Mission - To set the best standards of ingredients and safety measures. And to bring you treats that are made with lots of love and loads of care

The Vision - For every doggo to be fed healthy, natural and balanced treats.


Animal Welfare

In our quest to provide wholesome treats to all doggos, we don't just bring Dear Paws to you at one click - we also feed a portion of healthilicious treats to a street doggy with every pack we sell. Because we believe that all the good boys and girls deserve a treat.

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