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  • Suitable for adult dogs: Dear Paws Classic Cookies will be the best choice if your hound is adult enough to have dry foods like biscuits and cookies.
  • Main ingredients: This food is added with no preservatives, added carbs, Fiber & Minerals and many more high protein ingredients. Moreover, the Dear Paws Classic Cookies is 100% digestive friendly. So, this product will be a perfect health-friendly food product.
  • Available flavors: The Dear Paws Classic Cookies are available in different flavors such as Chicken, Mutton, Egg, Veg and Milk. So, find out the suitable one for your doggo.
  • Healthy measurements: The added carbs, Fiber & Minerals and high protein will enhance the immunity booster of your canine friend. So, you must choose the Dear Paws Classic Cookies for a healthy food habit.

Dear Paws Classic Strawberry Flavor Cookies for Adult Dogs

900 Grams
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